Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics

Third Edition

Ben J. Heijdra

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Errata and typos

The first person (other than myself) to find any typo's in the published version of the book is Niels van der Laan. Other typos were noted by Ali M. Bahkali, Giulio Codognato, Sietse Peer, Bart Rutjes, Roy Sanders, Claudio D. Shikida, Marcus Vinicius Bastos dos Santos, Ioanna Tziolas, Jeroen van der Vaart, and Wim-Paul Hiddink. So here they are: fresh new errata.


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If you want to adapt these slides to your own purposes, you may want to make use of my Latex and graphics files. Download the ZIP file from here: Source material for the slides.


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